Why I Started Noble Life?

Fraser Noble

Having worked in an industrial and corporate position for over a decade I couldn't help but notice that those who worked in similar roles, with extensive travel, long office hours and grafting field work, were suffering with their health. As I progressed my career I saw more and more colleagues and clients in need of support in their health. As a balanced life and health and wellbeing has always been a passion, I was providing health coaching for a select few on the side. 

Knowing that helping the few numbers I was wouldn't have the impact on the corporate and business world I would like, I had to make a change.

Straight out of university I started my professional life overseas, I fell into the same trap that many do. I made my work the number 1 priority over everything else.


I went from being confident, happy, healthy, energetic and fit, to an unhealthy, overweight corporate professional who found a lacking in confidence and energy levels. And I know I was not the only one. 


I worked very long hours and was totally focussed on the job meaning my health and personal life suffered. I spent too many nights entertaining clients in the bars and restaurants eating unhealthy food. This only fed the insecurities, poor confidence and poor health. 


I felt slow, less energetic, not as sharp mentally and worst of all my self perception was damaged due to poor general wellness. 

Having exercised and coached all throughout university I realised what was happening and what I was doing to myself. I took action and made big changes to the way I looked at life and the way I lived it.

Although I was still traveling extensively working long ours in the office and in the field, within a short period of time I was feeling more energetic, physically healthier and stronger, mentally sharper and far happier. I had more time to do what I wanted to do and felt my work becoming far easier to achieve. I had become better in my professional life because of the changes I had made in my personal life.

I was well on the way to becoming the best version of myself. 


As I continued working my way up the professional ladder I managed to keep my own health and lifestyle my number one priority. But as I moved into management and became office and travel based, I noticed that many of my colleagues were continuing the unhealthy trend. They grew tired, subdued and unhappy. They would take the elevator for one flight of stairs so they wouldn’t become out of breath. I started hearing more and more about medical conditions and stress issues.

It was when I received a text while overseas on a business trip. A very close friend of my family had suffered a stroke and died suddenly at an age I deemed too young. As I sat in my hotel room thinking I realised that his lifestyle, attitude towards his own health and his poor habits were the root cause for this early passing. 


Something had to be done.

This is why Noble Life began, to improve the lives of professionals who fall into the unhealthy pattern of not prioritising their own health. Through education and coaching, we improve mindsets towards a balanced and healthier lifestyle, improved positivity, nutritional knowledge, increased movement and exercise, and improved abilities in time and stress management to ensure members new way of life can be enjoyed to the fullest.

The skills and mindset build through health coaching also translate throughout all areas of life creating the happiest, healthiest and best version of our members. 

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