What the Noble Life members have to say...

With the introduction of both women and men to our community we look forward to having more feedback from the ladies. However, we have many from the Men of Noble Life in the video below.

The members we work with find many benefits while working with Noble Life. Below is a small sample of the positives impacts we have had. 

While working with Noble Life my mindset massively improved. I'm feeling more positive and in control of my own time.

Despite a very tough time at work I was more calm and patient with my wife and children than I have ever been.

/// Jericho Castillo - Singapore

Since joining the Noble Life I have realised the importance of working with the group and having access a coach who understands your situation and struggles. 

I have recently looked back when I felt healthy and fit in 2012, living in the UAE. I was part of a group who ran. I did multiple runs with them. 

However, on moving back to Brisbane my motivation didn’t last. Only now, I realise that it wasn’t the stress from my job or moving countries. It was the fact that I lost my support network. 

With the Noble Life I found this support with coaching and the community again and am more motivated now than ever before.

/// Chris Millwood - Brisbane

I have gone from waking up groggy and moody, not moving enough at all and eating poorly to feeling energised and like exercise and being mindful with what I eat is part of my everyday life.

Something doesn't feel quite right if I haven't put in the work now. 

Even my wife and children have noticed the difference in my attitude. 

/// Zaki Ameer - Singapore

I'd never thought about breaking down my time management they way we do with the Noble Life. It has made for some very interesting insights to how I spend my time and has improved my ability to get things done with work, personal life and time to focus on my own health and fitness. 

/// Mike Luff - Subic, Philippines

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