This Coaching Session Will Help You Build A Positive Mindset,

Greater Motivation, A Better And Stronger Body And the Confidence

To Become The Man You've Always Wanted To Be!


What it is that’s at the root of your inability to build and keep your lifestyle, mind and body optimised?


You’re reading this page because you’re searching for something new that can finally have your lifestyle changing for the positive.


And the truth is,


You’re spinning your wheels, the chances are you have tried to improve your lifestyle, health and mind many times before, simply repeating the same patterns over and over and over.


The chances are, you’ve been struggling with your energy levels and body confidence alongside your career for years.


The chances are, you gave up a lot of your hopes and dreams when you realised work was taking over your life.


The chances are, you’re sacrificing looking after yourself to look after your career and your family.


But as time goes by and your motivation levels drop,


You start to wonder where you lost yourself and why your life isn’t how you pictured it.


And you are not alone.


More men now suffer from depression than ever before, basically due to being overworked and having a feeling of a lack of control over their lives.


You’re part of the group of men who are meant to be leading the future of the business world and your chosen industry, but the truth is, you don’t always feel that way.


In fact;


You feel like you are not in control of your own time.


Your energy levels may be low and dropping as time goes on.


Your motivation needs a big boost to get you on your way to where you need to be.


And to make matters worse all of these things mean that you don't have the quality of relationships outside of work that you would like. You struggle to find time with your loved ones, when you do find the time you don't have the energy to do all the things you would like. This just compounds how negative you feel about your situation. 

Now, if you’re like most men, you understand that by being more self aware, mentally stronger, healthier and fitter you will improve your mental and physical capacity and give an increased ability to perform in all areas of your life. 


You might try and 'sort yourself out', get back on track during quieter periods of work or go through phases of trying hard with your lifestyle, time management, diet or exercise.


Telling your family and colleagues that you’re finally going to make a change.


But as the weeks go by, you begin to lose motivation, bad eating habits start creeping back. 


So, you tell yourself you don't have time to look after yourself.


You start staying later at work eating into your personal life once again. 


(After all, you have nothing in place to keep you accountable…)

And before you know it, you’ve fallen off the wagon and you’re back to square one.


Maybe you buy a gym membership instead, just like the phase of 'sorting yourself out'. You get all excited, tell your friends and family. This time, you think that paying money and have a PT that promises they will keep you accountable.


But what happens after a few weeks?


The standard BS excuses come up and the PT accepts them. After all, you've already paid for the sessions.  

  • I'm ‘too tired’.

  • I don't have time.

  • I can't come tonight I've left it ‘too late’.

  • Don't worry, I will ‘go tomorrow’.


You start skipping the gym, work out less frequently. Weeks go by without hitting the gym.


And that's just the exercise portion of improvement. You haven't even touched on your mindset, lifestyle skills and habits, motivational drivers or even nutrition. 

Before you know it you’ve fallen off the wagon and you’re back to square one... again - no motivation, low energy, poor choices, not enough movement and a negative mindset as you search for an easy fix that doesn't exist.

The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.


Does it sound familiar? Now, here’s the really twisted part. The health and wellness industries want you to fail at optimising yourself, to fail at becoming healthier and fitter and to fail at having more energy to get through those long demanding work days.

It wants you to repeat the same patterns, over and over again, and it wants you to expect a different result each time.


Why? Because the longer and ever increasingly feelings that you are unoptimised, unhappy with your situation and/ or low in energy the more desperate you'll become for that quick fix solution.

When you are this desperate for the quick fix solution you are an easy marketing target for all of the fad diets, quick fix help books and the thousands of other products that come and go. 


These markets actually rely on people being desperate, spinning their wheels and repeating the same issues over and over. This is what makes them so wealthy. 


Need some facts on this, according to Forbes, the health and wellness industry has been growing by at least 4% every year, and in the last 3 years, growth has been accelerating massively. As of 2018, it’s worth almost £226 Billion Worldwide.


Well it must be doing something right then? Unfortunately not, at the same time rates of depression, obesity and diabetes have never been higher.

Now, it may seem strange to be giving so much negativity on the industry that I am also technically in. But that is exactly why I'm highlighting it. I need you to understand that what I am not offering a quick fix! You have to be dedicated and put in the hard work required. 


If you put in the effort, you will reach where you need to be! 

You must put in the focus and effort to get what you need out of it!


Our goal is to give you the clarity, confidence and direction to do what is needed to improve your lifestyle to the point of being the best version of yourself. 

And when you have clarity about the situation, you’ll get the results you’re after.


By being in a similar working and life situation myself and working with men just like you. I’ve been able to identify the 4 invisible forces that are holding you back:

Weird as it may sound, you’re just like circus elephants from the 1950's

Circus elephants in the 1950s used to be kept outside, and not in cages. It seems strange that such a powerful and intelligent animal would stay captive when left outside.Why didn't they leave?


Because from an early age the elephants were restrained by a piece of rope tied to their leg at one end, and a pole at the other. When they were young, that was enough to restrain them. Even as the elephants got older, smarter and stronger and could easily break the rope and escape, they did nothing.


That’s because they had been conditioned to believe that the rope is strong enough to hold them back. They saw the other elephants, older and more experienced in the same situation and believed that it was the only reality.

The truth was that the elephants were far more able and powerful than they knew. But, because they never realised this, they were forever captive to the circus.


And the same is true for you.


You have been conditioned to believe that you cannot have that work/life/health balance you dream of and that you simple need to accept that this is life if you want professional success.


You see others around you in the same situation and think this is the only reality. 

You are that intelligent and powerful animal who has been misled into believing a limitation that doesn't exist.


Living the true reality over the misleading limitations of the social norm is more simple than you would expect. All you need is clarity and confidence. 


If the elephant had the clarity that it was strong enough and the confidence to try, it would easily break free.


And that’s why the very first step to your solution is to identify the root cause of these 4 invisible forces.


The second step is to take appropriate action to reconstruct the pattern. Building your ritual and habits to not only improve you mentally and physically but to set yourself up for the steps ahead that require this discipline and drive. 


The third is the permanent  reprogramming of your mind and bodies the standards.

This is why you’ve been unsuccessful in keeping the results with every health and fitness attempt you’ve tried.

You need to first get clarity about your situation and have the most effective and beneficial mindset towards it before you attempt to solve it.


And that’s where I come in.


I’m committed to help men like you achieve the mental and physical health, strength and fitness they desire, achieving confidence, energy, and motivation along the way.


And since everyone has different behaviours holding them back, I’m offering you this free, no strings attached, 1-on-1 coaching session where you’ll speak directly to me, and together, we’ll craft out your game plan to get you started on your journey to becoming your best self.

What You Can Expect From Your Coaching Session

On your free coaching session, we will...

  • Identify exactly where you are right now.

  • Identify the vision of who you need to become. 

  • Identify the 4 hidden invisible forces stopping you.

  • Craft out the fastest possible path to deal with your problems by destroying those forces. 

Once we’ve done all of that, 


I’ll create an action plan for you to move forward on improving yourself.


The men I work with grow healthier and stronger every day and I want you to be next.


The fact that you’ve read this far means that you are suitable to receive your free coaching session. You are determined to find out and take action on what you need to do to make your change. 

Now, the skeptic in you will be thinking, “Why would he give away a $200 coaching session for free?”


Here’s why:

  • I’m on a mission to change the lifestyle and health of men and the way corporate and professional industries view the wellbeing of their employees. 

    I’m truly tired of seeing men burn out over and over again in their attempts to improve their work to life balance and improve their mental and physical health.
    More than anything, I want to create a movement of men who want to truly better themselves.

  • This is how I pick out my best clients. By doing these free coaching sessions I’ve found that by delivering tremendous value up front and by actually helping men change their bad habits and their destructive patterns in just one coaching session, I’ve ended up working with the most motivated men when they decide to work with me in the longer term.   

With that said, this won’t be one massive pitch. If I feel you would be a good fit for the Noble Men Program and you want to work together long-term, that’s great, at the end of the call, we can discuss that.


But 99% of our free coaching session will be just that, coaching.

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